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12/13 Febr, Stockholm
with chocolate and cheese
@BabyMocs (Skånegatan 53.)

Vegan Pop Up

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Cashew Camembertis

Plant-based, 100% dairy-free Camemberti, full of flavor and using traditional cheese-making techniques. Honestly the best vegan camembert I have tried so far. Thick white bloomy rind with a silky smooth and soft inside. Comes in 3 flavours: natural, truffle and ash&pepper. Made from organic cashew nuts sourced from a fair trade driven company and packaged in a box made from responsible sources with the FSC certificate.

-Natural / 130 g - 125.-
-Truffle / 130 g - 135.-
-Ash&Pepper / 130 g - 135.-

Creamy Cashew Wheels

Creamy, fresh and spreadable. Each topped with various herb mixes. Made from organic cashew nuts sourced from a fair trade driven company, the highest quality of herbs and spices and packaged in a 100% recyclable container.

-Black Pepper Mix / 155 g - 125.-
-Herbes de Provence / 155 g - 125.- SOLD OUT
-Blue Fenugreek / 155 g - 125.-
-Italian Mix / 155 g - 125.-

Aged Hard Cashew Cheese

Aged to perfection, these aged cheeses dry and ripen from anywhere between 5 to 8 weeks. Truly unique and simply delicious. Versatile enough to slice for that comforting cheese-and-cracker experience, cut to bite-size wedges on its own or tossed into salad or grated over a plate of pasta. Made from organic cashew nuts sourced from a fair trade driven company, and has plastic free packaging.
That sexy looking, black beauty at the end of the row is a semi-hard, ash covered cheese, aged for 5 weeks. The special fermentation and ripening with ash brings out an amazing cheesy flavor without any added flavorings, herbs or spices. It’s truly and simply delicious.

-Aged Natural / 90 g - 125.-
-Aged Sage&Onion / 90 g - 135.-
-Aged Truffle / 90 g - 135.-
-Aged Volcanic / 105 g - 135.-

Rice Based Alternatives

Kinga Kremer
Vegan cheese by Kinga Kremer

Kinga Kremer

My vegan cheese journey started with a frustration many of us share: wanting to find a tasty, plant-based alternative to dairy cheese. I bought what our supermarkets currently offer, only to have most of them land in the bin. And I try not to throw away food, but they were far from edible for my taste.

I then embarked on a journey with high hopes and endless curiosity to find the best vegan cheese out there. And I have not stopped at the Swedish border.

I am inviting you to the world of good vegan cheese. I will visit some artisan factories, show you backstage, try their products, give you my honest feedback and bring the best ones to your table.

🤫 Did you know that at one point I also made my own cheese which featured at vegan Sunday brunches and was sold at a vegan coffee shop and a restaurant in Stockholm? I got some amazing reviews too. It was truly moving and inspiring but I knew that it was not going to be my path. I wanted to meet those who do it better and bigger. I wanted to find those who have a real passion for vegan food innovation and production. My passion is exploring, connecting and organising.